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I could assume that if you have decided to purchase this book, you are a part of my tribe. Daring to dream is one of your best qualities, you are creative, imaginative and from time to time, you experience feelings of being unsettled in your current circumstances. Always thinking of what you can do next, ready to strive for the next bigger, greater challenge. It is also entirely possible that you are not a part of the type A, perfectionist tribe which is fine. Maybe you have great ideas, but you have been feeling stuck and find yourself continuing to procrastinate about making the decision to act on some of those ventures. No matter which category you fall into, your feelings & beliefs are valid. This text is as much a guide as it is a benchmark for measuring success. I intend to share some of my journey and helpful tools for overcoming the pitfalls that can and will challenge you as you work towards your own version of success. I use the acronym “B.A.G.” as a buzzword in the title but also because it is fitting. People use the phrase “securing the bag” as a way to convey being paid or becoming financially secure, with heavy emphasis on obtaining money. There is also a phrase “getting” or “chasing” a bag, which infers a determination about obtaining money. I would like to flip that line of thinking on its head here and suggest securing or chasing your B.A.G. (Big Audacious Goals) because you will find fulfilment in your accomplishments and the money will flow to you as a result. Being primarily focused on money sounds good in theory, especially to people who have never had much of it. However, society has shown us that even though money can buy things for short-term happiness, the money alone doesn’t seem to be enough if you don’t find fulfilment in your life once you have it. There are millionaires and billionaires who have committed suicide, struggling to find genuine romantic partners & connections. As I talk about goals and manifesting your vision…not all of the focus will be on how that pertains to your career. There are other areas of your life that deserve as much attention as your professional life because you are a whole…entire person. If you are audacious enough to set big goals, be introspective enough to visualize what your ideal life looks like and include those goals in your plan as well.